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The Bookaneers book drive is seeking donations of books for those who need them locally and internationally. Please give to any of the crew collectors listed on the left or at the locations listed here. We can also pick books up if you have 30 or more! Just tell us or send an email with details. Please ask everyone you know for contributions. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you'd like to help out more, please visit our FAQ or contact us at!


Hey guys! On the 16th of December, we mailed out ten large boxes of books and snacks to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for your donations. We are sending off boxes of videos to injured soldiers next week. Keep up the good work!

Rachel Engle- Co-president of RHS bookaneers

March Madness-Bookaneer Style


In March, Molly Engle and her mother, on a college tour, took a side trip to Sparta, Georgia and delivered close to 1000 books and magazines to the Hancock County Library in Sparta, Georgia. This was the first rural public library Molly called and they immediately said that they'd appreciate anything. They were especially pleased to see all of the SAT, ACT and AP prep books. Librarians Ms. Donna Posley and Uganda Birston helped unload the SUV in the rain!

And another one!


Thank you for all the great books that you donated to the Hancock County. It's like Christmas morning opening all those bags and boxes.
Karen Meeks
Hancock County Library
8984 East Broad Street
Sparta, GA 31087

How great to hear!

We always love these


Ooh, a note!

Good day,

I would like to thank you for your generous donation of gently used books to the Lindbergh Children's Center in 2008. Some books were placed in the waiting and examining rooms while others were given to several children from low-income families. Parents often read with their children while waiting to see the physician, thereby promoting literacy. Anxious children often are calmed while looking through the colorful, friendly pictures in the books we now have available. Additionally, the books serve as a reminder to the physicians to encourage parents to join the library and use other resources to foster increased reading at home. We are very appreciative of your contribution and hope that we can continue to participate in your valuable program.

Cidjah Rodney-Somersall, MD

Clinical Instructor, Emory University School of Medicine
Pediatrician, Lindbergh Women and Children's Health Center
770-xxx-xxxx (office)
404-xxx-xxxx (fax)

All Fired Up


Molly and Justin E. delivered 37 medical books to the Mountain Park Volunteer Fire Department in Roswell last Saturday. Here's a picture of Justin with some firefighters!

Justin E., holding the books




Sorry for the delay in my email to you but on behalf of the Grady North Fulton Clinic staff, please express our gratitude on your book donation. It means so much to be able to give books to our patients, to calm them during anxiety-provoking medical procedures, and to model reading and promote literacy.
Thanks for keeping us on your list and thanks again for your help.

Deborah Sumner, MD
Department of Community Medicine
Grady North Fulton Clinic
1143 Alpharetta St.
Roswell, GA 30075